Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog

I have to be honest – I’m not a big fan of eggnog. I can’t say exactly why it’s just a taste/texture/something combination. And that is whether you put any alcohol in it or not. But, I’m willing to give anything a shot so when I came across this recipe I decided it was worth a shot. Even if it didn’t turn out. Plus, it was an Alton Brown recipe so how could it be bad?

Given that the recipe says it should sit and “age” for a decent amount of time (at least two weeks but more like a month) I made it the weekend before Thanksgiving. This would give it about a month to sit before Christmas. 

In putting it together, I worked out pretty well although it was hard to tell if it was going the way it should or not. Once it was all together, I poured it into a large glass jar I had bought (for this purpose) and stuck it in the fridge. I did pull it out twice to look at it and ended up giving it a good shake as the nutmeg had settled on the bottom. Otherwise, it just sat there.  

When it came time to drink it, I took the first sample. After all, of it was horrible, I needed to be the one to find that out first. 

BUT, it was not horrible. In fact, it was terrific. Pretty strong on the alcohol content (3 cups of high proof liquor will do that) but really good. Kind of smooth actually. I had two cups and decided that I needed to not anymore. I would be really easy to let this stuff get to you. The only downside is that it isn’t kid friendly but I suppose that is okay. 

About half was drank at my family’s Christmas and hopefully the rest will be drunk over Christmas. That way it’s gone and I can get it out of the fridge. 

I definitely recommend this. I’ll be making this again next year. I liked that it sat for a month to mellow. Doing it again next year, I may put it together around Halloween to give it two months to sit. 

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