St. Patrick’s Day Green Velvet Cake

Second to last recipe made this year for St. Patrick’s Day. This was actually one of the first ones I found and decided to make. Then things got out of hand, like they normally do around and me and recipes. You can read the recipe here

There are two unique things about his cake, the first being, obviously, the fact that it is green. Someone asked me if this was a red velvet cake but just with green food coloring. Honestly, I don’t know but it makes a lot of sense as the name has “velvet” in it. Word of caution, be careful when squirting the green food coloring out of the bottle. When you get to the last of it, it tends to spray everywhere. 

The second unique thing is the frosting. This recipe has “boiled frosting” which is essentially butter and granulated sugar mixed with a water/flour paste that you, well, boiled. It did whip up nice and fluffy but I have to say, it tasted a lot like butter. There are three sticks of butter in it so it makes sense but still. On the one hand, the frosting wasn’t bad but it wasn’t what I would consider a “traditional” frosting (buttercream) so it’s hard to say that it reminded me of childhood. 

Overall, this turned out well. I could have gotten a little more frosting in between the layers but I was cautious as to how much I had total. It was a very spreadable frosting to it wasn’t difficult to get it frosted. As I was frosting it, I reminded myself why I don’t frost cakes and how I will never win any cake decorating contests. But, the sprinkles made it look a lot better. I was pretty impressed with myself that it turned out as good as it did. 

In the end, I might trade the frosting for butter cream if I were to do it again. 

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