Pasta with Butter, Sage, and Parmesan 

I saved this recipe as it seemed like a nice, quick and easy meal to make on one of her nights when we didn’t have a lot of time. Which seems to be more and more common these days. Generally speaking, it was pretty quick and easy yet there was one issue which I felt almost ruined the whole thing. You can read the recipe here

Essentially, you brown some butter, toss in some fresh sage leaves, and then combine that with the pasta and some Parmesan. Pretty easy. Maybe. Overall, this turned out and was pretty good. However, the recipe said the sage leaves should “shrivel” which I took to mean that they would cook down a bit (shrink) and we would be good to go. Instead they seemed to almost burn in the pan and become very brittle. I ended up scooping them out and using them more as a garnish on top of the plates pasta than mixing it all in. It didn’t taste burnt but something was off. Maybe it was the cast iron skillet I was using. Regardless, the butter looked a bit more than just browned when I poured it into the pasta. 

And yes, I did it “backwards” in that I poured the butter into the pasta rather than the pasta into the skillet with the butter. Oh, and I cooked the pasta about a minute shorter than the recommended time as you then cooked it a bit more with some of the water. It still came out pretty form so I would recommend cooking the pasta like normal. 

In the end, this wasn’t bad. It was fairly easy for a weeknight when we didn’t have a lot of time and it tasted pretty good. 

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1 Response to Pasta with Butter, Sage, and Parmesan 

  1. chefkreso says:

    What a tasty combination of flavors 😁

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