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Sourdough Pancakes

After seeing someone else post about making sourdough pancakes I decided that needed to try it. So off I went, researching what was needed to make them. Long story short, I wound up buying not only some sourdough starter but … Continue reading

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American Goulash

A few weeks ago I randomly thought about making goulash. Goulash is another one of those meals I remember from childhood, somewhat fondly. I don’t mean that to sound bad but there isn’t anything that I remember about eating it … Continue reading

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Cornbread Buttermilk Biscuits

While this is yet another example of having to find a way to use up the leftover buttermilk, I will admit that I had this recipe saved, and saved for quite awhile. As the name suggests, it is basically a … Continue reading

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Sherry Braised Beef Short Ribs

Never try to make a recipe that says it takes 3+ hours on a weeknight. Unless you can start mid-afternoon. I had intended to make this on a Sunday as that gave me plenty of time but it didn’t work … Continue reading

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Taco Seasoning, Take 2

Quite awhile ago (over a year to be exact) I went to make my own taco seasoning. You can read that post here. Not much to recap other than to say that I didn’t have all the spices it called … Continue reading

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Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Normally when I go to make something that calls for buttermilk I substitute sour milk (lemon juice/milk mix) as I feel like I would always be tossing the leftover buttermilk as I’d just never use it all and, well, that … Continue reading

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Crispy Baked “Fried” Chicken

After making this I think I have decided that while I really enjoy fried chicken, what I really enjoy is the fried skin. I know that might sound a little odd (or not) but when it comes right down to … Continue reading

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Bean Dip

This recipe is from my dad. It was/is usually something made on New Year’s Eve and other get togethers. I’ve had this in mind to make for the last few parties we’ve gone to but in the end we have … Continue reading

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Chicken Tetrazzini

One New Year’s Day we went to a party and one of the dishes someone had made was a turkey tetrazzini. I tried and liked it enough that I wanted to try making a tetrazzini myself. I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Beef and Snow Pea Stir Fry

I found the inspiration for this dish from this blog post. I say inspiration as I feel that I made enough tweaks that it isn’t really that recipe. But it is close and the steps followed were the same. This … Continue reading

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