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Baked Strawberry Salmon

First a disclosure- it tasted a lot better than it looks. It definitely did not turn out like the picture in the recipe, which you can read/see here.    So, I picked this recipe because it was interesting. Strawberry plus … Continue reading

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Creamy Fish Chowder

Following the trend of wanting to eat more fish, I bring you a fish chowder. I can’t say that this is exactly healthy given all the cream, butter, and bacon fat but it has fish in it. So it makes … Continue reading

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Confetti Tilapia Packets

Making this was a bit of a whim as I was paging through the August/September 2010 issue of Taste of Home Simple & Delicious looking for what other recipes I wanted to try. I say “a whim” as i realized … Continue reading

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Baked Flounder with Browned Butter and Mango Quinoa 

The purpose of this post is the quinoa. Since I was pairing it with the fish, I felt that I should include it. I won’t say much about the fish. In fact, it was pretty underwhelming. Maybe it was my … Continue reading

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Pasta with Swordfish and Cherry Tomato Sauce 

This is a little bit different dish than my usual fare which is good. It’s always nice to branch out. Plus this is another fish recipe which I mentioned with the last one that we don’t eat a lot of … Continue reading

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Spiced Salmon Kabobs 

We do not eat as much fish as we probably should (given the health benefits). I like fish but often our option seems to be plain whitefish fillets and that gets boring (no matter what you put on them). So … Continue reading

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Salmon BLTs

   Essentially this is a BLT with a piece of salmon on it. Nothing over the top about it, but something a bit different. It does have a spicy garlic mayo that goes with it (which does have a kick). … Continue reading

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