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St. Patrick’s Day Green Velvet Cake

Second to last recipe made this year for St. Patrick’s Day. This was actually one of the first ones I found and decided to make. Then things got out of hand, like they normally do around and me and recipes. … Continue reading

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Dublin Coddle

I am way behind on my posting about the different meals I’ve made recently.  It seems anymore that I either don’t have time to cook at all or when I do, I don’t have time to post about them. Case … Continue reading

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Irish Cream Scones

Before deciding to (also) make green donughts on St. Patrick’s Day (my previous post) I had intended to make this for breakfast that day. I still did which worked out in two ways. One, I got to make another recipe … Continue reading

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Baked Mint Chocolate Chip Doughnuts

One day at work we started talking about doughnuts. I don’t remember how the conversation started or how it ended up this way but I started thinking about a mint chocolate chip doughnut. Of course a quick Google search gave … Continue reading

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Weeknight Tagliatelle with Bolognese Sauce

While I like cooking, and am willing to spend a decent amount of time doing it, I do like it when things are pretty easy and simple to put together. Especially when we don’t have a lot of time. This … Continue reading

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Pasta with Butter, Sage, and ParmesanĀ 

I saved this recipe as it seemed like a nice, quick and easy meal to make on one of her nights when we didn’t have a lot of time. Which seems to be more and more common these days. Generally … Continue reading

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Blue Cheese and Bacon Lettuce Boats

So the picture is a little hard to make out, but essentially this is a homemade blue cheese dressing, inside of a piece of lettuce, with bacon sprinkled on top. Good, but not quite as good as you might think. … Continue reading

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White Russian Cake

When I first saw this recipe I thought it was pretty cool and that “I could make that”. If I was honest with myself, I would have said “I can make that but it’s going to be a pain and … Continue reading

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Creamy Gnocchi with Mushrooms

I’m going to start this post a little backwards and tell you right away that this was good and I would recommend it. However, I have a couple of thoughts on it. First off, it wasn’t as creamy as I … Continue reading

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