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Blueberry Pecan Baked French Toast

This is another one of those recipes that isn’t a recipe (but still is) from Bon Appetit. And while I have a pretty good baked french toast recipe, I decided I wanted to give this one a try. There was … Continue reading

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Gingerbread Poundcake

I got on a kick here recently making some random things (like the last two batches of cookies I posted about) where I didn’t necessarily have a plan or reason for why I wanted to make it when I did. … Continue reading

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Savory Christmas Cheese Bread

Making this bread was something of a whim. I still had to go to the store to buy some ingredients but I came across it the same time I was making my list so it was easy to do. Plus … Continue reading

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Brown Sugar Cookies

This is the last cookie recipe I made over the Christmas season. There isn’t much about this that screams “Christmas” but hey, the cookies made don’t always have to be Christmas themed. Plus, these sounded very interesting. You can read … Continue reading

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Maple Bacon Biscuit Bake

Mmmm…..bacon…. Who doesn’t like bacon? This recipe became a “must make” once I found it, mostly due to the fact that there was bacon. And it was good. Not only the bacon but the biscuits themselves. You can read it … Continue reading

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Chewy Molasses Cookies

Awhile back I said I didn’t want to go overboard in making a bunch of cookies this holiday season. I feel like I haven’t but that’s probably more because I’ve spread out the cookie making. These don’t quite fit the … Continue reading

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Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog

I have to be honest – I’m not a big fan of eggnog. I can’t say exactly why it’s just a taste/texture/something combination. And that is whether you put any alcohol in it or not. But, I’m willing to give … Continue reading

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