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Philly Cheesesteak Garbage Bread

I’ve had this recipe saved for awhile (surprise, surprise) and finally had an opportunity to make it. At one point I had put this on my list for the Super Bowl but changed my mind as it seemed more labor … Continue reading

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Buffalo Honey Meatballs

I am a little behind in posting about what I’ve made recently as this was the second dish I made for the Super Bowl party we went to. But things get busy. You can read the recipe here. It’s a … Continue reading

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Adult Spaghetti O’s

Who remembers eating a can of spaghetti o’s as a kid (or adult – no judging)?  Not bad but not great?  I didn’t eat a lot of it but I thought trying this recipe – putting a “homemade” spin on … Continue reading

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Taco Soup

I’m sharing two pictures again, as it was easier to share the recipe this way. With the exception of needing to cook the beef, this is very much a simple “dump and heat” type of recipe. It was really quick … Continue reading

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Anna Restagno’s Italian Meatballs

Back in early 2015 I took a business trip to the Phoenix area. While I was there I had lunch with a former work associate and in the conversation we got talking about food and cooking. Long story short, he … Continue reading

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Cabbage Roll in a Bowl

This is another recipe that comes from the December 2015 Taste of Home magazine. It sounded like an interesting recipe to try, especially since I’ve never made cabbage rolls to begin with. Technically they call this a Cabbage Roll Skillet but … Continue reading

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Travison’s Shepherds Pie

Recently I found that we had this little recipe book- Traditional Holiday Celebrations: Recipes & Inspiration for a Festive Christmas. I have no idea where it came from or how long we’ve had it. But I started flipping through it … Continue reading

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Soy and Sesame Beef Short Ribs

Okay, quick confession time. As nice as that picture looks, these didn’t really turn out. It was a lesson, or maybe a reminder, as to why I shouldn’t try to grill short ribs. At least not over direct heat. Before … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Bavarian Style Round Steak

This is now the third (but not last) round steak recipe I have made in the last couple of weeks. Actually, it’s the third one and will be the last one, for awhile. I still have plenty of round steak … Continue reading

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Red Wine Braised Round Steak

Sundays seem to be my opportunity to make a recipe that requires many hours worth of effort. Even if some of the time is “down time” while it sits in the oven. This was no exception. It took about 3 … Continue reading

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