Chewy Molasses Cookies

Awhile back I said I didn’t want to go overboard in making a bunch of cookies this holiday season. I feel like I haven’t but that’s probably more because I’ve spread out the cookie making. These don’t quite fit the style of “Christmas cookie” but I came across the recipe and decided that as long as I was making cookies, I might as well make these. You can read the recipe here

The only think I changed was using light brown sugar which may have resulted in them turning out to be a little lighter in color than the ones in the picture on the recipe. I also just rolled them in granulated sugar as I chose not to get anything else. I don’t think that made a difference. The cardamom was an interesting addition but it worked well with everything else in the cookie. 

I tried to make sure that I didn’t over bake these so I went with 9 minutes total. I did four minutes, rotated the sheets, and then another 5 minutes. They turned out well that way. Still soft and chewy.

I’d recommend giving this a try. I’m not a huge molasses cookie fan but they were good. 

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