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Apple Pie Shake

  Quick confession – the real reason why I made an apple pie a little while ago is that I wanted to make this shake. Not that having apple pie around just to eat is a bad thing but I was on … Continue reading

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Crockpot Moroccan Chicken

 I wholeheartedly agree with this blog post where I got the recipe (technically my sister-in-law shared it with me) that chicken is chicken and can often (many times) be boring. I remember eating a lot of chicken growing up and getting … Continue reading

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Leigh’s Chicken Salad

 I’m not sure exactly who “Leigh” is but they came up with a pretty good recipe for chicken salad. This definitely worked as something to eat by itself or with crackers/chips. Given the size of the grapes and apple … Continue reading

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Dutch Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel

Lately I’ve been wanting an apple pie. Not really sure why exactly but the idea of an apple pie was very enticing. And, we have several bags of apples down in the deep freeze along with one pie crust in … Continue reading

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Zero Carb Pizza

Sorry for the delay in posting folks. A vacation and a really busy schedule has prevented some cooking from taking place, at least cooking that I wanted to post about. This recipe came from Facebook, another one of those that … Continue reading

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Sourdough Pizza Crust

Following on the track of “I have sourdough starter, let’s use it” I decided to try the pizza crust recipe that came in the booklet from King Arthur Flour when I first bought the starter. We make our own pizza … Continue reading

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Honey Wheat Bread, Take 3

Typically, if I make something more than once I don’t post about it unless I have made some changes, improvements, etc. to the recipe. After posting about this bread twice (read the second post here) I hadn’t planned on posting … Continue reading

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