Baked Venison Meatballs 

For Christmas last weekend, I was asked to bring another appetizer. Since the request came sort of last minute, I looked for things I had on hand to make withygoing to the store. Plus the weather was bad and I didn’t think we needed to be out and about more than we already had been. Meatballs came to mind and since I can’t just make a normal meatball, I decided to use some of the ground venison we had in the freezer. After some searching, I settled on this recipe. It was one that didn’t want the venison to be mixed with ground pork (which I didn’t have) and I had all the ingredients. 

In the end, I will say that these turned out to be pretty good. But, they needed a sauce. More on that in a bit. I chose to double the recipe based on how many people were supposed to be coming. In one sense that wasn’t a good move as we wound up with lots of leftovers but then they were good so leftovers were okay. 

I did not make any changes although I estimated the amount of Parmesan cheese. I probably had less than called for which was okay. When mixing up the ingredients, this was a very dense mix (not sure how else to describe it). It wasn’t a big deal but it made me wonder what the final result would be.

In portioning them out, I probably got around 35 which was a lot less than I should have based on how much the recipe said one batch would make. I assume that is based on the size of the meatball. I used a scoop and, to be honest, I have no idea how big the scoop really is. I should probably figure that out as every time I use it, it makes larger than called for portions. 

After baking, I tested one and it was good but I felt that it was maybe a little dry. I decided it needed a sauce as I was making these the night before and if I felt that they were dry then, what would the morning be like?  After some more searching for what kind of sauce went with a venison meatball, I decided to make a version of a Swedish meatball sauce. My “version” simply subs butter for the fat you’d have from cooking the meatballs. So, in the morning I put together the sauce and combined it all in the crockpot to heat up the meatballs. Much better with the sauce. 

With the leftovers we made some basic pasta and have had meatballs and pasta. If you’ve got some venison laying around and want to try something different, I’d recommend giving this a try. 

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