I have described myself as a “food snob” (somewhat jokingly) or simply as a “foodie” as I really like food. I mean I really like it. Now, this doesn’t mean that I speak poorly of others or restaurants or criticize or anything like that. I simply like trying new foods, eating good foods, etc.

I started this blog for two reasons. Primarily it gave me an avenue to share the recipes I’m using. I regularly post pictures on Facebook of what I’ve cooked and often get asked for the recipe. It also gives me a (better) platform to talk about the process and how making the dish went. I feel that’s just as important as giving the recipe out.

Quick note on what you’ll find — only things that I have personally cooked. I’m not posting about what others have done or things from restaurants.

And lastly, a quick nod to my wife. I have said the only reason I am cooking is because of her. Now it’s not what you think. Before meeting her I was a typical bachelor who ate out a lot and ate cans of soup (sometimes from the can) And those types of things. I didn’t cook other than grilling out. After meeting her and starting to cook meals I found that I enjoyed it and started doing more.

Cooking helps me feel creative even if I’m just following a recipe and I am creating something for others to enjoy. I firmly believe in the line from the movie Ratatouille that “anyone can cook”.

Ok, enough rambling.

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