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Blueberry Pecan Baked French Toast

This is another one of those recipes that isn’t a recipe (but still is) from Bon Appetit. And while I have a pretty good baked french toast recipe, I decided I wanted to give this one a try. There was … Continue reading

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Savory Christmas Cheese Bread

Making this bread was something of a whim. I still had to go to the store to buy some ingredients but I came across it the same time I was making my list so it was easy to do. Plus … Continue reading

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Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog

I have to be honest – I’m not a big fan of eggnog. I can’t say exactly why it’s just a taste/texture/something combination. And that is whether you put any alcohol in it or not. But, I’m willing to give … Continue reading

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Grinch Cookies

Holiday baking has begun. And what better way to start than to make a themed cookie? As I said in an earlier post, I am trying to cut back on what and how much I make this year when it … Continue reading

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Nutella Brown Butter Crispies 

If you ever made rice crispy treats or scotcheroos (where you add peanut butter), this is pretty similar. Just swap out the peanut butter for the Nutella. But, these were a bit fancier than that with the brown butter and … Continue reading

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Buttery Sourdough Buns

   In fitting with the Christmas meal of sandwiches, etc. at my parents I decided to make these buns. Part of it was the ability to have some different buns/bread available and part was it allowed me to use another … Continue reading

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Ultimate Sugar Cookies

   Yesterday (Saturday) I spent the majority of the day baking. It was a day where there wasn’t anything we had to do and I decided that I would spend the day making cookies, etc.  This was really the first … Continue reading

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