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Cinnamon Sugared Almonds

After making the spiced pecans, I got a complaint that someone was expecting a nice snack and they were too spicy. So I quickly pulled the pan out again and made these. They turned out good but there was too … Continue reading

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Spiced Pecans

I think I have posted about this before but cooking can be a vicious cycle. You find a recipe, buy the ingredients, make it and then have leftover ingredients that you bought specifically for that recipe. And without making that … Continue reading

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Crockpot Chex Mix

The jury is still out on whether or not I want to call this a success or not. I think I’m leaning towards it being a success although the cons outweigh the pros. Basically this is a way to make … Continue reading

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Rodkal (Danish Red Cabbage)

To go along with the Frikadeller (meatballs) that I made I made Rodkal which is simply cooked down red cabbage. I got this recipe from the same place as the meatball recipe. This turned out very well I knew I … Continue reading

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Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs)

While my heritage puts me at being 1/8 Danish (the rest is German although there was a brief time, when we thought a bit of Russian could be mixed in) I’ve never really thought about food from a Danish perspective. … Continue reading

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Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken

Crockpots can be great help, especially when you either done have a lot of time to make dinner (you want dinner ready when you get home) or just in general of wanting dinner to be ready without a lot of … Continue reading

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Overnight Apple French Toast

Admittedly, one of the reasons I had wanted to make this white bread recipe is that I had this recipe for overnight apple french toast. Well, in the beginning it wasn’t this recipe exactly but another recipe that I had … Continue reading

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