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Lamb Bacon Burgers with a Spicy Aioli 

   Although these are not quite as good as the last time I made lamb burgers, they do have some merits. Mainly the method in which you put the burger together (with the bacon) and the aioli. You can read … Continue reading

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Spiced Lamb Patties with Nutty Garlic Sauce

   As mentioned before, having in-laws that have sheep allows for easier access to lamb and allows for the ability to try different recipes. This one was pretty good. You can read the recipe here.  The downside,mid you will, was that … Continue reading

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Bacon Parmesan Burgers

   This burger was inspired by a blog post. Unfortunately, as I was working on making this the website kept forwarding me to other sites, ads, etc. and eventually I just closed the website and made it “from memory”.  That … Continue reading

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Turkey Burgers with Cranberry-Apple Relish

   In flipping through the next magazine/cookbook in my stack – the November 2013 issue of Cooking Light – I came across this recipe. I found it online (view here) so I didn’t have to re-type the whole thing. When I came … Continue reading

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Meatball Sandwiches with Parmesan Biscuits

 This is a type of recipe where I might normally breakout two or three parts of it into separate blog posts as I like to put my focus on one recipe at a time. However, as all three were … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Burger

On my most recent business trip, a long trip, I found myself in something of a novelty store one day while on an off day. You know the type of store – where you could see yourself buying a fair … Continue reading

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Sweet Glazed Pork Burgers

I got this recipe from someone in an online cooking group I’m a part of, I think it is Edesia’s Notebook, but I can’t quite remember (sorry!!). I saved it such a long time ago that I can’t quite remember … Continue reading

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Salted Grilled Cheesburgers

As I believe I have mentioned before, while I do like to grill, I often don’t post anything here because I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve “made” something by just throwing something on the grill. This recipe was going to … Continue reading

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Shrimp Burgers with Garlic-Orange Aioli

This was a semi-failed recipe. I say that partly due to the fact that the aioli didn’t turn out (more on that later) which caused the patties to not hold together. It wound up feeling like I was stir frying … Continue reading

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