Irish Cream Scones

Before deciding to (also) make green donughts on St. Patrick’s Day (my previous post) I had intended to make this for breakfast that day. I still did which worked out in two ways. One, I got to make another recipe and cross something else off the list. Two, it gave me extra food that I could take to work. You can read the recipe here

While we are not Irish we can pretend to be by attempting to eat Irish food or at least Irish inspired food. That was the main reason for wanting to make this in the first place. Had it not been St. Patrick’s Day, I may not have saved this to make. Plus, I may not have even seen it to consider making. But I digress. 

Overall, this went pretty well. I chose to form the dough into a disk and cut it apart into triangles rather than just dropping scoops on the pan. That worked, sort of. It was a little hard to cut and it wound up only being cut into four pieces. It baked pretty well and I cut each of those pieces in half so I ended up with eight total scones. 

From a taste perspective, they were good although I don’t see much that is “Irish” about them other than using the Bailey’s Irish Cream. But, that’s okay. I’d recommend this recipe, whether it is St. Patrick’s Day or not. 

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