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Quiche with Ham and Potato

Breakfast is sometimes hit or miss in our house. Not the eating of, that always happens, but the meals made. Every so often I venture out beyond the normal and sometimes it goes over well and sometimes I get told … Continue reading

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Adult Spaghetti O’s

Who remembers eating a can of spaghetti o’s as a kid (or adult – no judging)?  Not bad but not great?  I didn’t eat a lot of it but I thought trying this recipe – putting a “homemade” spin on … Continue reading

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Cranberry Orange Steel Cut Oatmeal

Recently I came across some recipes for steel cut oatmeal. The “uniqueness”, if you will, was that they all talked about how you can shorten the time by doing it overnight. After reading through a few of them, I settled … Continue reading

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Healthy-ish Chickpea Soup

Anything that is referred to as “healthy-ish” is going to catch my eye. It draws me in with promise of eating healthy, but not really. For this, I’m not a 100% sure what the “ish” is referring to. There are … Continue reading

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Cranberry Pecan Granola 

Continuing to want to make more things than buy them, I’m always looking for new/different recipes so that I’m not always make the same thing.  And although I’ve only been making granola a few times, when I came across this, … Continue reading

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Chicken Taco Pacos

This sounded like a pretty interesting recipe when I first came across it. By the time I made it, it was still interesting but it didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. In fact, although it tasted really good, … Continue reading

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Maple Sausage Featherbead Eggs

I decided to try this recipe because of the ingredients. Namely, the cornbread being used instead of regular bread. The recipe comes from the Cook’s Country website. I don’t have a link to the recipe as (I’ve mentioned this before) … Continue reading

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