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Turkey Pot Pie

Believe it or not (I didn’t really believe it) I only had 3-4 pounds of turkey leftover. Which meant that after measuring out what I needed for this recipe, I had about enough left for the second round of the … Continue reading

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Cranberry Ginger Pear Pie

This year for Thanksgiving I feel,that we went a little low key. There wasn’t any crazy complicated dish or something that didn’t quite fit with the theme. Which was great. It was nice to actually have some down time in … Continue reading

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The NEW Classic Stuffing

There was a conversation at some point, I think at work, around what do you have the have a Thanksgiving. In other words, it’s not Thanksgiving unless you have <blank>. Now I’m not here to start that debate. In fact, … Continue reading

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Good Eats Roast Turkey, Take 2

I don’t really ever post a second time about a recipe unless I’ve made a change or I’m trying to improve it in some way. That is not the case with this one but in ready my post last year, … Continue reading

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Potato Rolls

   While there are plenty of good, pre-made, “brown and serve” type rolls out there that can be used for times like Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t attempt my own rolls. I looked through quite a few … Continue reading

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Turkey Gravy with Thyme

   Following with the Thanksgiving recipes, if you are making turkey and mashed potatoes, you need gravy. Especially if you are my five year old who complains every time we have mashed potatoes that there isn’t any gravy. She was … Continue reading

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Good Eats Roast Turkey

   This year was the first year we have hosted a Thanksgiving dinner. Which meant that we were cooking the turkey, etc. instead of only one or two side dishes. Now, while I have cooked a turkey before (several times), … Continue reading

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