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Raspberry Ricotta Cake

I keep telling myself that one of the best ways to eat healthier is to quit making desserts at home. After all, if it’s not there to eat in the first place you….. But, then I still do things like … Continue reading

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Orange Ricotta Pancakes

If you are any kind of regular reader of this blog, you will know that I save a lot of recipes and it is often a long time before I make some of them. I have too many ideas or … Continue reading

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Peach, Prosciutto, and Ricotta Crostini 

This was another appetizer I made for my wife’s birthday. I had saved the recipe as it sounded like a fun thing to make. Plus it had peaches. And prosciutto which is kind of like bacon. You can read the … Continue reading

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Roasted Peaches with Ricotta Buttercream and Breadcrumbs 

   I had high hopes for this recipe. Mostly because it was a peach related recipe. And it looked cool (fancy). Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. You can read the recipe here. Granted the idea of a … Continue reading

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Dessert Toast with Apples and Ricotta

 Now, while I hadn’t made cinnamon swirl bread in awhile, the real reason I wanted to make that bread was to be able to make this dessert/appetizer dish.   The base of the dish is the cinnamon swirl bread. I had … Continue reading

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Pasta with Sausage and Ricotta Surprise

While we’ve been somewhat addicted to watching the Food Network over the years, a few years ago we really spent a lot of time watching a few shows, including Rachael Ray.  Even to the point that we bought one of … Continue reading

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