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Stacked Chicken EnchiladasĀ 

   Continuing the chicken recipes, we have this one, which, while I make a wide variety of recipes seems to be more up my alley. Can’t say for sure why, but maybe it is because I have a soft spot … Continue reading

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Enchiladas – New Mexico Style

   As I have mentioned before, I am somewhat of a sucker for Mexican food. So, when a relative suggested I try this I needed to give it a whirl. It is a unique dish, in my opinion, but overall … Continue reading

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Enchilada Casserole

Well, I’m back (finally). For a little bit anyway. There are some more trips in a few weeks that will make cooking take a back seat but for the moment, I’m back, sliding back into some kind of routine and … Continue reading

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Red Curry Pulled Pork Enchiladas

Much like the Italian beef enchiladas this concoction was born out of pulling out the container of frozen red curry pulled pork and needing to find different ways to eat it. I really should think about freezing the leftovers of … Continue reading

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Italian Beef Enchiladas

Sometimes you have to get creative to use leftovers. Back in June I made some Italian beef for a party. Lots of leftovers and froze some for a later use. This past week I pulled it out thinking it was … Continue reading

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