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Cranberry Orange Steel Cut Oatmeal

Recently I came across some recipes for steel cut oatmeal. The “uniqueness”, if you will, was that they all talked about how you can shorten the time by doing it overnight. After reading through a few of them, I settled … Continue reading

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Cranberry Pecan Granola 

Continuing to want to make more things than buy them, I’m always looking for new/different recipes so that I’m not always make the same thing.  And although I’ve only been making granola a few times, when I came across this, … Continue reading

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Crescent Roll Cornucopia with Turkey Salad

Cue the turkey leftovers. Yes, I am behind on my posting but that’s what happens when you cook a lot and only post once a day (if that). Rest assured, I used up the turkey in a reasonable amount of … Continue reading

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Cranberry Ginger Pear Pie

This year for Thanksgiving I feel,that we went a little low key. There wasn’t any crazy complicated dish or something that didn’t quite fit with the theme. Which was great. It was nice to actually have some down time in … Continue reading

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Cranberry Orange Brioche French Toast 

   I feel a little bit like I cheated with making this. The bread comes from a mix (a box) that had the dry ingredients, including the yeast. Yes, I had to add eggs, butter and water and actually make … Continue reading

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Cranberry Raisin Oatmeal Cookie

   These were a hit. While I had saved the recipe for a little while, making them when I did was a complete whim. But the response I got from my wife was that she had been wanting oatmeal cookies. … Continue reading

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Cranberry Walnut Country Bread

   Making this bread was less about wanting a cranberry walnut bread (by itself) and more of having a recipe that said to use cranberry walnut bread. Granted it says you can use other bread but I figured, I know … Continue reading

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