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Blue Cheese and Bacon Lettuce Boats

So the picture is a little hard to make out, but essentially this is a homemade blue cheese dressing, inside of a piece of lettuce, with bacon sprinkled on top. Good, but not quite as good as you might think. … Continue reading

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Buffalo Honey Meatballs

I am a little behind in posting about what I’ve made recently as this was the second dish I made for the Super Bowl party we went to. But things get busy. You can read the recipe here. It’s a … Continue reading

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Baked Venison Meatballs 

For Christmas last weekend, I was asked to bring another appetizer. Since the request came sort of last minute, I looked for things I had on hand to make withygoing to the store. Plus the weather was bad and I … Continue reading

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Apple Cheddar Rosemary Beignets 

Thanksgiving at for my side of the family usually takes place the Saturday or Sunday after the holiday. And with that, each of us brings one or two food items. Sometimes it’s an appetizer, sometimes for the main meal, dessert, … Continue reading

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Peach, Prosciutto, and Ricotta Crostini 

This was another appetizer I made for my wife’s birthday. I had saved the recipe as it sounded like a fun thing to make. Plus it had peaches. And prosciutto which is kind of like bacon. You can read the … Continue reading

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Wild Mushroom Ragout on Crispy Polenta with Comte Cheese

This makes a great warm appetizer although not many are made in one recipe.  You could cut the polenta into smaller pieces which would result in more available.  I did tweak the recipe slightly.  When I looked up what Comte … Continue reading

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