Philly Cheesesteak Garbage Bread

I’ve had this recipe saved for awhile (surprise, surprise) and finally had an opportunity to make it. At one point I had put this on my list for the Super Bowl but changed my mind as it seemed more labor intensive than I wanted to do for that day. And I’m glad I did for while this turned out pretty well, it also didn’t. Read the recipe here

As I was gathering ingredients for this recipe I did decide to make some changes for ease of putting it together. I chose to go with the pre-made, refrigerated dough which came in two packages and, as it was with something else I made, a little hard to work with. Getting the two pieces to seal together was easy but rolling it out was a little hard. I ended up not with a rectangle but some kind of odd, misshapen oval. But it still worked. 

For the meat, I took a package of sirloin steak out to thaw instead of flank steak. Mostly because we just got a 1/4 of a cow and had some of the previous 1/2 cow in the freezer and it needed to be used. I ended up making the meat “backwards. Instead of cooking, cooling, freezing, slicing I started with slicing it. It wasn’t fully thawed so it was easy to cut into thin pieces and then cook. I weighed out a pound as the steak was more than a pound to start with. Then I just let it cool and added it back in. 

Given that I knew my kids would not be too keen on all the mushrooms and onions and whatnot, I cut how much onion I put in as well as tried to cut them thin. And then I chose to use up what I had in the fridge which was yellow and red onion. For the peppers, I did buy two banana peppers and cut those small as well. 

For the cheese, I used a bag that was a mixture of a lot of cheese (provolone, asiago, Parmesan, etc.) plus some extra Monterey Jack and mozzarella. This was definitely a “use up what is in the fridge” meal. 

For putting it all together, I had difficulty rolling it up. While I put it on parchment paper to start with, it stuck like crazy (should have floured the paper) and rolling it up became more like just making sure the filling was wrapped up. 

For baking, I put it in for 40 minutes but took it out early (between 30-35 minutes) as it was really starting to brown. May have been partially due to the egg wash (might have overdone that) and partly it just browned up. The bottom got a little over done and we didn’t eat some of the bottom. 

All in all, despite the over doneness of the bread, this was pretty good. The girls liked it and it even took them awhile to figure out there were things like mushrooms in it. I would definitely give this a try. 

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