Buffalo Honey Meatballs

I am a little behind in posting about what I’ve made recently as this was the second dish I made for the Super Bowl party we went to. But things get busy. You can read the recipe here. It’s a fairly simple recipe, as in it’s not that much work. I was proud of myself this year for not going crazy in trying to make a lot of things for the party or things that would take a lot of effort. I made these early on that Sunday as they needed to cook in the crockpot for a few hours. 

I did make some changes. Some intentional, some not. In putting the meatballs together I used regular paprika. I could not find smoked paprika in my cabinet even though I was pretty sure that we had some. Of course, as soon as I did use the regular stuff, I found the smoked kind. Of course. For the meatballs I got about 30 of them made. I can’t remember exactly even though I counted when I made them. I’ve slept since then.  

For the sauce, I did make some intentional changes along with another unexpected change. I had a bottle of Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce and chose to simply use that instead of buying another bottle of something to only use a little bit of it. I also substituted orange marmalade for the apricot preserves. Again, it was a chance to use up the orange marmalade rather than buy something new to only use a little bit of it. The unintentional change was the soy sauce. Apparently we are out as I couldn’t find any. So I decided to use sesame seed oil. I went with one tablespoon of it instead of two. No real reason why other than it didn’t seem, to me, like it was a good one-to-one substitution. I think it worked fine. 

As these were cooking in the crockpot I was a little worried about the sauce as it seemed very thin. It didn’t seem to be coating the meatballs and I didn’t think it was looking much like the picture in the recipe (although, let’s be honest, when does it ever really?). But, after deciding to put the meatballs in another dish, and pouring the sauce over them, it was a lot better. 

These turned out well. Pretty tasty and pretty low in the effort needed to put them together. I would recommend this recipe. 

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