Adult Spaghetti O’s

Who remembers eating a can of spaghetti o’s as a kid (or adult – no judging)?  Not bad but not great?  I didn’t eat a lot of it but I thought trying this recipe – putting a “homemade” spin on a kid classic was an interesting venture. You can read the recipe here

Basically this is a pasta and sauce. And meatballs. Nothing too out of the ordinary actually. You just have to wrap your head around that it is supposed to be a plate of spaghetti o’s. From the picture, I will admit that it does look more like just a plate of pasta. You should mix everything together and then serve it but since I doubled the recipe, there was no way I was taking the large pot of pasta and mixing it with the large pot of sauce. Well, I think I might have one pot where I could have done that but it wasn’t going to happen. So we served it like “normal” pasta and it worked just fone. 

Speaking of doubling it, we had company over and I always err on the side of wanting more food than risking not enough food. But, as usual, it really wasn’t necessary. And now we have a lot of leftovers. Oh well. 

I did make a few tweaks. For the meatballs. I used whole milk instead of cream and plain bread crumbs. I think I accidentally doubled the amount of garlic powder as I may have misread it was 1/4 teaspoon and not 1/2 like the other stuff. But that’s okay. I got about 58 meatballs out of it. It was hard to count and keep it straight. I did make the meatballs the night before and they sat in the fridge. It did make the bottom layer a little flat but that’s okay. 

For the sauce, I used a whole can of tomato paste which was a little more than it called for. I also used two heaping tablespoons of dried basil. I had actually bought fresh basil to make this recipe but I kept pushing it back and the basil went bad. That’s frustrating. But it worked out. 

I did have a bit of trouble with stuff burning/sticking to the bottom of the dutch oven. I actually pushed the tomato paste mixture off to the side and scrapped stuff off the bottom before continuing. More stuff stuck but it was better than it could have been. From a timing perspective, it took about an hour (probably more) for everything to be done. I did my best to multi task, etc. but it always seems to take longer. 

Overall, this was a good dish. The meatballs were pretty good and so was the sauce. I thought the sauce could have used a bit more something but everyone else said it was good. With the leftovers I’ll have to see if I can’t actually mix it all up and put it in a bowl to make it more like dumping a can of spaghetti o’s out. 

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