Cranberry Orange Steel Cut Oatmeal

Recently I came across some recipes for steel cut oatmeal. The “uniqueness”, if you will, was that they all talked about how you can shorten the time by doing it overnight. After reading through a few of them, I settled on wanting to try this one. Purely from a taste/flavor standpoint as the method of cooking was the same for all of them. And since we had some steel cut oats I figured I could give it a try. You can read the recipe here

So the point is that a normal steel cut oatmeal recipe is going to take you 40+ minutes and this method will end up taking you 10-15 minutes. The “trick” is boiling some water, putting the oats in, and letting them sit overnight. The next morning you add the rest of the stuff and cook it for 10 minutes or so. I think mine was closer to 15. They always seem to not tell you the time it will take to bring something to a boil. 

Anyways, this turned out okay. I’ll give you my initial impression and then the impression of the leftovers the next morning. 

First off, it was not quite the consistency that I would like my oatmeal to be. It was a little more runny/watery than I like it. But, that could be an “operator error” situation as it may not have sat long enough overnight. It doesn’t specify any hours, just “overnight”. So, I ended up putting it in the water about 10 pm and started the rest of the process about 6 am. That’s a good 8 hours but if I had done it earlier there would have been more time to soak up water. Other than the consistency, the flavor was good and I can say I liked it. 

This made a lot (the recipe says it makes 4 servings) so there was plenty to save for later. I was a little Leary of that since there is always a chance it won’t save well but I wasn’t going to toss it. 

The next morning I felt the consistency was better (more time to soak up liquid??). The flavor was still good but the cardamom flavor was more mellow. My wife had some the second morning and she didn’t like the cardamom flavor. Which means it was good that she didn’t have any the first day. The consistency was okay for her but she has a specific consistency desire for oatmeal (similar to me) so I that didn’t quite hit the mark. 

Overall, it’s an interesting method to try if your wanting to do steel cut oats. I’d have to say that you need plenty of time to let the liquid soak up. Unless you like runny oatmeal. Then don’t. 

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