Healthy-ish Chickpea Soup

Anything that is referred to as “healthy-ish” is going to catch my eye. It draws me in with promise of eating healthy, but not really. For this, I’m not a 100% sure what the “ish” is referring to. There are comments on how you use a lot of canned items rather than doing it all from scratch. Plus the sausage. Maybe.  They say you can leave it out, or most of it, but you need some for the fat to sauté the onions, etc.  But I suppose you could just use some olive oil. Anyway, this is also one of those recipes but not a recipe. I did make some changes a long the way. You can read it here

I did use the full pound of sausage. In the end, I will say that this seemed like a sausage soup than a chickpea soup. Not that I’m complaining but the sausage did seem to overpower the other stuff. I sweated the onions and fennel for the full 10 minutes it suggests. I did that as some of my fennel wound up in some thicker pieces (my knife skills are adequate but I don’t lose sleep over cutting things perfectly evenly) so I needed to make sure that those got plenty soft. They took on a nice brown color after that time which I think helped deepen the flavor.  I skipped the anchovy fillets because it wasn’t something I had on hand and I would have then had leftovers to figure out a use for. I also skipped the red pepper flakes but added in the fennel seed. 

At the end, I skipped the fennel fronds, used a half teaspoon each of dried basil and oregano, and skipped the extra oil and red pepper flakes. It simmered for longer than the 20 minutes overall (I took the bay leaves out after 20 minutes) but it’s a soup and you can let it go a little longer. 

In the end, my Soup looks a lot different than the picture of theirs but it was still good. Everyone liked it which was a plus. It took me closer to an hour to get it all put together (rather than a half hour as the recipe stated) and I was doing my best to multi task. But it was okay. Things always seem to take me a little longer. 

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