Chicken Taco Pacos

This sounded like a pretty interesting recipe when I first came across it. By the time I made it, it was still interesting but it didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. In fact, although it tasted really good, this is borderline one of those recipes where you wonder if it was worth the effort. You can read the recipe here

Basically, it is a chicken taco mixture that is wrapped up in a piece of pizza dough and baked in a muffin tin. I didn’t have any issues with the chicken mixture although there is a lot more leftover than I had thought there would be. The issue really came with the pizza dough. I chose to buy the dough. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it made the whole thing super easy. It even worked out that the two packages could be easily cut up into the twelve pieces needed. 

The issue was gett the dough rolled out and placed in the muffin pan. Or rather, the fact that it would shrink back up before I put the filling in. Which made it more difficult. I could still pull it around and seal it, but it it caused problems. 

Now, thinking about it at the moment there are two fixes for it I wish I would have thought about when I made it. One, I could have placed the filling in each one as I did it instead of doing all the dough first. Second, I could have put all the filling in and wrapped it up before putting it in the pan. Both probably would have worked. 

But, overall, these were pretty good. The girls liked them and even more than I thought. I would have liked a bit more filling in each one but it worked out. So, based on the method I used to make them, I’m iffy on saying it was worth the effort. But, if you can tweak how it is put together (add a bit more filling) I think it would work out a lot better. 

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