Broccoli Cheese Soup

While I do most of the cooking for the family, my wife is more than capable (and pretty good at it).  She just doesn’t like to do it. But I do so it works out pretty well. This soup is not one I intended to make. She was going to make it for her sister’s bridal shower but in all the activity going on, she was running out of time so I decided I could put it together. The recipe she found to make can be read here. In reading some of the reviews of the recipe she made some changes to the ingredients which I’ll outline. 

This recipe was fairly easy to put together. There isn’t a lot of prep work other than cutting an onion and cutting the cheese up. However, it still took about an hour to put together. One thing I’ve always commented on is how recipes don’t tell you that “bring to a simmer (or boil)” will take awhile. All they tell you is to do that and then simmer/boil for a certain amount of time. This was similar. We needed to simmer the broccoli for 10-15 minutes. Well, it probably took a good 10 minutes to bring it to a simmer and that was after cranking the heat (which was not part of the recipe). In the end, I chose to simmer for 10 minutes as it had sat, warming up, for a decent amount of time. 

Now, the changes. Based on the reviews (which I read as well) she doubled the cheese and broccoli which was an extremely good idea. I agree with the reviewer who wrote it that without the extra cheese and broccoli this would be a very watery, chicken broth soup. Even with the extra stuff, it was still pretty liquid-y before adding the cornstarch and water. Speaking of that, I thought 2/3 of a cup was way too much but it worked out great. It thickened up nicely even though we were adding another cup of liquid (water). 

Speaking of that, there was a note on the printed recipe that I totally missed to use some of the chicken broth with the cornstarch to further reduce how much liquid there was. Definitely a good idea, luckily it worked out just fine. If you wanted to do that, just reduce the chicken broth by a cup and mix the cornstarch in it. That was actually another note in a review that I read. 

So, overall, I’d recommend this recipe. I didn’t eat it exactly, as it wasn’t for us to eat but I did taste it so check it. Any good cook tastes their food to make sure it is good. I thought the flavor was decent and, as mentioned, the consistency was good. One last note, we made this in the large dutch oven on the stove Friday night (between 8 pm and 9 pm) and then transferred it to the crockpot. It has sat in the fridge overnight and in a bit I’ll get it warming up in the crockpot for my wife to take with her. 

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