Hearty Whole Wheat Pasta with Brussels Sprouts, Cheese, and Potato

This is a dish that I would say is a little out of the ordinary for me to make even though I don’t think I have an “ordinary” meal I make. But, I’ve never had brussels sprouts before and this is a meatless dish, it qualifies as a dish I wouldn’t normally make. Brussels sprouts have been on my list to make but it never seems like a good time to add them in. With this recipe, I was committed. You can read about it here

I didn’t make any changes to the recipe other than to cut it in half. I did that for two reasons. First, the package of Brussels sprouts I bought was only one pound which was a little more than half of what it called for. I didn’t really want to go back and get a second package so I just went with it. The second reason is that on the off chance no one liked it, there would be less to eat up (that I would have to do) or toss if it was really bad. This is actually a by product of the first reason. Had I bought the right amount of Brussels sprouts I may not have tried to cut it in half. 

There were a few items that were not quite half of what it called for. The Brussels sprouts in total were a little more but I figured after trimming them, and leaving a few of the smaller ones out, that it was close enough. The potato weighed out a little over four ounces with peel and a little under without the peel. Last week I had estimated half of the block of gruyere but then had a piece left over so there was a little more than four ounces of that. For what it’s worth I used smoked gruyere and I shredded it rather than cutting it into cubes. 

The garlic, butter, and olive oil I left the same. For the Parmesan cheese, I simply grated some over the top until it was evenly covered. I baked it in an 11×8 dish. It was a little shallow but it worked out. 

I had mixed it up in a large bowl rather than in the baking dish. That worked much better. Of course I forgot to add the cooking liquid and realized it after I had spread it in the pan. I poured a cup evenly over the top of it. That likely didn’t work as I had liquid on the bottom of the pan. I should have taken it out and did it right. But, it still turned out okay. The top was a little crunchy in places but it was fine. 

So, overall, this was pretty good. The Brussels sprouts tasted a little like broccoli. From my perspective, the cheese was the dominant flavor so it overrode the Brussels sprouts and anything else. My wife liked it although she was skeptical at first (I was a little bit as well). The kids were not home but they will get to try it later as leftovers. I think it will be fine. Even if they don’t like the Brussels sprouts, the rest is good. 

Lastly, I might recommend to only make a half batch regardless of whether you think you would like it or not. Yes, it causes some problems with having half of everything leftover but it made a decent amount. Had the girls been home we still would have wound up with two containers of leftovers. Not having a huge pile of leftovers is pretty nice. Less pressure to eat up the leftovers. 

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