Blueberry Pecan Baked French Toast

This is another one of those recipes that isn’t a recipe (but still is) from Bon Appetit. And while I have a pretty good baked french toast recipe, I decided I wanted to give this one a try. There was enough about it different, while still being the same. And it worked out that I could bring it for breakfast on Christmas morning. Although that got me in a little trouble as it meant I didn’t make my normal baked french toast. Oh well. You can read the recipe here

I did not make any changes to the recipe although I changed the pan size. When I put the bread in the 13×9 pan there was a lot of open space. I’m used to the bread fitting tightly in the pan with my other recipes. Then again, my other recipe uses more bread plus has more eggs, milk, etc.  Anywho, I decided to use the 11×8 pan I have as it would fit better. Also in my mind it needed to be closer together to help make sure it soaked up all the liquid. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. 

Either way, it worked out. The only other issue I had was that the brown sugar topping was not in a consistency to drizzle over the top. It could have used more butter or less sugar. Instead, I dropped it in clumps on top. As a result there were still the clumps on to when I took it out of the oven. I had hoped that it would have melted a bit more but it was not to be. 

Overall, I’ll say that this was okay. Everyone thought it was good but I was not impressed with it as I had hoped. There is nothing wrong with it but I think I prefer my normal baked french toast recipe. 

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