Gingerbread Poundcake

I got on a kick here recently making some random things (like the last two batches of cookies I posted about) where I didn’t necessarily have a plan or reason for why I wanted to make it when I did. I just had the recipe and thought that now was as good as a time as any. So here we go with a poundcake to go with all the rest of the desserts. Read the recipe here

So, as I’ve explained, there wasn’t anything special about this. Which makes me feel that there isn’t a whole lot to say about it. I did follow the recipe (shocking, I know) although it turned out to be a bit darker than I had expected. Part of that may have been the pan I used. It was a clear glass pan which may have affected the baking. Actually, without getting to scientific I know it made a difference. Common sense tells me that had I baked it in one of the metal pans or the stoneware pan I have it would have turned out different. Slightty different, no major changes would have taken place. 

I also maybe used a pan that was a little bigger than called for as it didn’t come out in a nice rounded loaf. The sides stick up a bit. You can’t really tell in the picture as the powdered sugar hides it. 

Overall this was good. It had a nice flavor to it and a texture that feels somewhere between a poundcake and a bread. And by bread, I mean a banana bread type of bread. Regardless, it wasn’t too bad. 

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