Savory Christmas Cheese Bread

Making this bread was something of a whim. I still had to go to the store to buy some ingredients but I came across it the same time I was making my list so it was easy to do. Plus it was a few days before Christmas and it worked out to make this for breakfast on Christmas Eve. You can read the recipe here

Overall, I will say that this wasn’t too bad of a recipe. But I might be the only one. The girls rally didn’t like it which I kind of expected due to the ingredients. And my wife was so-so about it. But that’s okay. You don’t always have to like everything. 

For the ingredients, I followed the recipe but made these selections from the options – chives, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. I also decided to mince the garlic rather than just crush it. It seemed like it would mix in better that way. 

I did have a little trouble with the baking. It said to put it in the pan so the center was a little lower than the sides. Presumably because it would rise and it would give you a more even end result. Well, the center never really rose. Some of the sides did. That gave it an odd shape plus, I think it even fell a little bit once it was out of the oven. And then it stuck to the bottom of the pan. Which meant it ripped apart as I went to take it out of the pan. So I got creative in cutting it and actually did end up tossing a little bit of it. 

It was definitely a savory bread. I thought it was pretty good, as I mentioned. I did serve it with scrambled eggs that morning. In eating some leftovers I cut the piece in half and toasted it (briefly) and put some butter on it. That was pretty good. Maybe even better than just eating it plain. 

I would recommend this if you are into a savory bread. If your not, you may not like it. 

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