Charred Onion Dip

I saved this recipe awhile ago and when it came time to plan food for my family’s Christmas, it was easy to volunteer to bring chips and dip. It wound up not being the only thing I brought but worked out pretty well. You can read the recipe here

I viewed this as a “fancy” French onion type dip. Other than the store bought version, my experience with other French onion dip is mixing a package of dried onion soup in with a tub of sour cream. Granted, I like that but this was one step (okay maybe a few steps) further down the path of being a more fancy dip. At least in my mind. 

I elected to double the recipe, mostly because I felt that the end result, of only one cup of mayo/sour cream was not going to be enough. I also thought, after buying the one leek it called for, that it was an awful lot to mix in. So, in a sense, while I doubled the recipe, I didn’t double the amount of leeks in it. I did use real mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip) and used dried, growing thyme. 

Speaking of the leeks, I tried my best to cut everything very small. I had this thought in the back of my mind that there was a chance that people would not like it. So I tried to “hide” the leeks and other ingredients. I also bought some regular chip dip as an alternative. 

In the end it was okay. It was hard to say who really liked it and didn’t like it. Some of it got ate, but not anywhere close to most of it. That led me to feel like like maybe doubling it wasn’t necessary but it did leave extra for a later use. Although I feel like in the end some of it is going to be thrown out. 

It was also very strong. One of those things that leaves you wondering what others are going to think of your breath. So, I would recommend this but maybe start with one batch before you go too far. 

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