Japanese Milk Bread

Last Saturday we had some bad weather and it meant that we didn’t really go anywhere and had pretty much nothing “to do”. Which meant that I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen cooking and baking all sorts of things. To be honest, I went a little overboard. But I couldn’t help myself. Between dinner (crockpot), several batches of cookies, and prep for Christmas at my side of the family the next day,I didn’t need to make anything else. Yet, here I was, deciding that making bread was a great idea. 

You can read the recipe here. There isn’t anything special about this bread, I’ve just had the recipe for quite some time and felt that now was as good of time as any to make it. 

This was yet another recipe that turned out okay in the end but didn’t come together very well. Bottom line, the dough was very sticky. I even added some extra flour (between 1/8 and 1/4 cup) before kneading it on the counter (which added more flour) but it stayed sticky. Overall, it wasn’t an issue but it made putting it together very difficult. Kneading it was hard and once I had to roll it out – and then roll it back up – it did not cooperate. 

But the end result was a super soft bread that tasted pretty good. The method was a little different – rolling up the two sections and putting them into the pan sideways. I thought that it might actually create two loaves and that you could pull the two parts apart but not so much. It was easier and better to cut it like a regular loaf of bread. 

And of course, while I think it did well on the rise, my finished product looks nothing like their finished product due mostly to how the tow rolls of dough came together and were unceremoniously dumped into the pan. 

So, not bad, but not something I am likely to try again. 

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