Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Cooked in Bacon Fat)

This recipe had me at bacon fat. Sadly, it didn’t come together well. And was another recipe where I was informed I should stop trying different Pancakes since my regular pancakes are “really good”. But as I’ve stated before, I’m always interested in trying something new. So, you can read the recipe here and read on for why these worked and didn’t work. 

On the one had, they worked as they did taste pretty good and had a big chocolate flavor. That was about it. 

They didn’t work because they didn’t cook well (read – burnt a bit) and were sort of flat. And, my oldest told me that it had too many chocolate chips. Which was about the only complaint I really got. 

I cut the recipe in half after re-reading it and seeing that a full recipe made “a lot” of pancakes. Given that I really didn’t know how these would turn out, I didn’t need “a lot” of pancakes. That was the easy part. I did mix it at least 100 times and probably more as it was about 50 times before everything was incorporated. It didn’t seem to help the fluffiness however. I did add a half cup of chocolate chips which was more than it should have been for a half recipe. But not that much more. 

For cooking them, I made a half pound of bacon, in the oven, and poured off the grease into a glass measuring cup. I had about a half cup of grease. I then used that grease in a cast iron skillet to cook the pancakes. Believe it or not, the first pancake I made turned out the best. It wasn’t burnt at all and cooked evenly. Maybe it was the fact that the pan wasn’t super hot yet or something else. But the rest took on a darker, more burnt, look and feel. 

I’ll admit that I had some trouble rationing out the bacon grease. At times it seemed like there wasn’t enough and then there were times when there was too much. The times when it was too much led to the batter almost frying in the grease rather than just cooking. 

The whole thing reminded me of trying to cook pancakes at my grandma’s house, on the stove, with her square frying pan. No matter what I seemed to do, they always had a darker, burnt look and feel to them. 

Anyway, so they didn’t really turn out. I got seven pancakes out of the half recipe (the last one being pretty large) so I committed to doing them all in the bacon grease. Had I had more batter, I would have switched to the electric griddle for he rest to try and not make them burnt. 

I think it is a worthwhile recipe, just lacking a bit on my execution. 

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