Cinnamon Star Bread

I decided to make this bread over the weekend to take as (one of) the dishes I took to my family’s Christmas celebration. It wasn’t quite an “appetizer” as requested but it still worked. Plus I’d had the recipe for awhile and this was a good time to make it as any. You can read the recipe here

This recipe both worked and didn’t work. Overall, it worked pretty well. It looked halfway decent, tasted pretty good, and was pretty much all gone by the time we left. I wasn’t happy however about the overall look of it. It wasn’t as good as the picture on the recipe. 

The biggest issue was getting it rolled out to a circle (and a big enough circle) and then getting it transferred to the parchment paper. I only got one to roll out to a nice circle. And then that turned into a misshapen oval when I moved it. And of course so did the rest of them. And of course they were all different sizes and it was kind of a mess. And, since it was more of an oval shape than a circle, my cuts were off which meant some of the star points were bigger than others. Again, overall, not an issue but still frustrating. 

But everyone like it and it didn’t look horrible so I should probably stop complaining. 

A few other things about this – I did use SAF Gold Instant yeast. My cinnamon sugar mix was 1/3 sugar and one teaspoon cinnamon (Vietnamese cinnamon if your counting). I baked it for 12 minutes, then another 3 (15 total) which was the recommendation. I could have probably let it go longer. It didn’t get as brown as the picture in the recipe and you could tell it was a tad bit underdone. But still good. 

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