Crockpot Chicken and Noodles

A few weeks ago some coworkers were talking about making some chicken and noodles. It sounded like a good idea but I held off for a bit in making it myself due to having other things going on, etc. Actually, I had decided to not make it at all but then decided that this weekend, with the weather, was the perfect time to make it. I ended up making it Saturday rather than Sunday due to some plans changing. Which means nothing to be honest. Nothing changed because of the day. Another reason I held off a bit was I didn’t have a recipe. Of course I looked online and found a bunch. There was one I really wanted to make but it was much more labor intensive than I wanted. I wanted a “set it and forget it” crockpot recipe. So eventually, I settled on this one

Overall this turned out pretty well. I was happy about it. It is super thick but that is because I added more noodles. The noodles I bought (Reames brand) came in 16 ounces packages. I started to measure out enough to make 24 ounces total but then wondered what I would do with the extra noodles. I could have (maybe should have) added some water or chicken broth since I was adding the extra noodles but I didn’t. So it is super thick. But I kind of liked that. If it were not as thick, more like a soup, I don’t know that I would have liked it. 

For the rest, I used about 2 pounds of chicken breasts. I was able to shred them in the crockpot instead of taking them out. I did use one can of cream of chicken and one of cream of celery. Mostly because I had the can of cream of celery and thought it a good way to use it up. I added a crushed chicken bouillon cube. I tried to mix it in with the broth but it didn’t mix. Probably because it should be heated first. I didn’t add the chicken paste. I thought about adding some corn but wanted to have it just be “chicken and noodles”. 

It went for 6 hours before I shredded the chicken and then an hour and a half after that before I turned it to warm. Given how thick it was, it was starting to stick to the sides on the bottom. 

So, I would say that this is a success. If I were to make it again I might add some more chicken and I might cut the noodles back a bit. Or at least add some more liquid. 

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