Grinch Cookies

Holiday baking has begun. And what better way to start than to make a themed cookie? As I said in an earlier post, I am trying to cut back on what and how much I make this year when it comes to cookies. I feel that I’ve gone overboard the last couple of years and while it’s fun making it all, it can be tiring. And then there is the aspect of feeling like, no matter how many you give away, you still have a ton of cookies leftover that you need to eat. 

So we shall see. I’ll keep you updated on how well I think I’m doing with not making too much. But let’s talk about this recipe. Of course when I came across it I had add it to my list. It is a themed Christmas cookie after all. You can read the recipe here. This cookie is one that you make with cake mix. I think I’ve made something like this before and seem to recall that a general name for them is a “crinkle” cookie since it winds up with cracks in it. 

They are super easy to make, especially with having a cake mix as the base. I made this with my youngest one night after dinner. Or maybe I should say that she made them with me. She did most of the work, including scooping out the dough. 

The only change I made with this was the heart. The recipe talks about making royal icing and cutting out little hearts and all sorts of super detailed work that I am just not good at. When I went to the store, I looked for candy hearts (wrong time of the year for that, and ended up settling for a small tube of red gel frosting. I think it worked out although my skill at drawing hearts with the frosting needs some work.

Overall these were pretty good. They are nice and soft and a little chewy. My only disappointment was that I only got 22 cookies out of the mix. They are a pretty nice size but I thought I would get some more. On the positive side, there aren’t that many I have to worry about eat up. So there is that. 

While I feel the need to say that there isn’t a whole lot special about these cookies, they are a nice Christmas themed cookie to make. 

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