Sausage Brunch Braid

After somewhat “running out” of recipes, I turned to another one of the many (many) magazines we have laying around. This one was a December 2015 issue of Taste of Home. In it I found plenty of “regular” recipes that would be easy to make on a weeknight. And that’s what I was really looking for. Sometimes the recipes I find aren’t all that conducive for a quick weeknight meal. Or they are dessert recipes. But I digress. While found the recipe in a magazine, I also found it online to share. You can read it here

This was pretty good breakfast choice. Note, that it calls it a “brunch” braid and it even says in the recipe that it could be an appetizer. That’s all true (I guess) but I made it for breakfast. I did make a few tweaks but first I want to mention that crescent rolls seem to be a pretty versitale product. I’ve had a few recipes lately where it calls for them. Or maybe it is just that you need refrigerated dough and crescent rolls work. I don’t know. 

The two changes I made were that I used a full pound of sausage (again, seriously, what am I to do with a leftover 1/4 pound of sausage?) and I used dried parsley (half as much). I also estimated the cream cheese so it’s possible that I used more than three ounces but it wouldn’t have been more than four ounces. Obviously there was more filling than it called for but it wasn’t a big deal. Also, it never said to drain the fat but I did. It didn’t seem like I should keep all that fat in there. 

For the assembly, I put the four rectangular pieces of dough (two triangle pieces each) end to end with the long sides touching. I felt that this gave it enough length and I could squish it out a little more for the width. That sort of worked. It was plenty long but getting it to be wider was difficult. I even tried the rolling pin but it started sticking to it. I did get it rolled out a little bit. 

When it came time to do the braid I skipped that and opted to just pull the dough up and pinch it together as best I could. It worked out just fine. I baked it for 20 minutes and it was plenty done. I also chose to bake it on parchment paper. Two reason – first I thought it would help with the dough. It would be easier to pull the dough up off of it than the pan. And second, it would make cleanup a cinch. With it did. There really wasn’t anything that leaked out but all I had to do was throw away the parchment paper and we were good to go. 

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