Nutella Brown Butter Crispies 

If you ever made rice crispy treats or scotcheroos (where you add peanut butter), this is pretty similar. Just swap out the peanut butter for the Nutella. But, these were a bit fancier than that with the brown butter and all that. You can read the recipe here

With one exception, I followed the recipe exactly however, they didn’t quite turn out, in my opinion. They were good but it didn’t come together like I had hoped. 

The change was simply using Christmas Rice Crisipies instead of regular ones. And that’s not even really a change. Although the final product is different from a looks perspective. 

Now, these didn’t quite turn out and it may have been that I needed the mixture to cook (warm up) a little bit longer. It was super thick and once I poured the rice crispies in it became an even thicker mess with things sticking (really sticking) to the bottom. As I mentioned, I may have needed the mixture of everything to simply warm up more so that it was creamier (that’s the word I was looking for). That may have helped with mixing in the rice crispies in and all of that. 

I’ll also be honest that I burned the butter a little bit. It hadn’t even been the time it suggested (less than 5 minutes) and all of a sudden there were dark spots on the bottom of the pot and there were flecks of something when I mixed in the marshmallows. I don’t think it affected it overall but it wasn’t a good start to begin with. 

I will point out that I made a half batch. Not that I couldn’t of made a full batch but I wasn’t feeling it. A little along the lines of Not wanting to make a lot of desserts. And, I wouldn’t really consider it a change but I did have to use a couple (maybe 4) regular marshmallows to get the total weight of marshmallows needed as my bag of mini marshmallows was already open. It worked fine except I should have cut the big ones up so it would come together easier. 

Overall, these tasted good. They are very thick (hard) as opposed to a soft, chewy rice crispy treat. I’m not sure if that is just the style of these or if it is another factor of not getting the mixture to be creamy. I didn’t get full coverage on the rice crispies either. 

I would recommend these. Just pay good aattention to the butter and definitely let the mixture get creamy. 

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