Crescent Roll Cornucopia with Turkey Salad

Cue the turkey leftovers. Yes, I am behind on my posting but that’s what happens when you cook a lot and only post once a day (if that). Rest assured, I used up the turkey in a reasonable amount of time. I even didn’t need to freeze any. Anyway, back to this recipe. I stumbled across this somewhere and thought it was the perfect use for leftover turkey. It even still fit the theme of Thanksgiving. 

I did make some changes though to the actual recipe. I only made four of the cornucopias out of the crescent roll dough. That worked really well and it makes me wonder how I would have done six. I guess they would have been smaller. It worked well to wrap the dough around the ice cream cone. A few of them stuck a little but they came apart without damaging they rolls. And yes, I took a picture of the best one. 

For the turkey salad itself, I did measure out 3/4 of a pound along with a 1/4 cup of the cranberries. And I measured out the mayo but then added a lot more (without measuring) as it seemed like it was too dry. I added until I liked the consistency. And I traded the red onion for celery (one stalk chopped fine). 

Overall, this was really good. Everyone loved the turkey salad and I ended up making more of that. I did it pretty much the same way although I was not as concerned with measuring the ingredients. I would definitely recommend this recipe. I’m even considering making it again but with chicken (as we are now out of turkey). 

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