Cheesy Corn Casserole 

As we were looking for something else to take to my family’s Thanksgiving I decided that I could make this corn casserole. There were a couple of reasons mainly though it was because I had the recipe and I had leftover corn from Thanksgiving. You can read the recipe here. It is one of those recipes that gives you a few instructions and ingredients but then tells you to “figure it out” and make what ever adjustment you want. I like those kind of recipes. Which, technically, could be any recipe. 

So here’s the deal – you add a bunch of cheese, including cream cheese, to a pot with corn and then bake it with a breadcrumb/cheese topping. It’s actually pretty simple.

I didn’t make any changes except using my own quantities for the cheese, etc.  I chose to take the seeds out of the jalapeño although there still was a little bit of a kick. I added a little more cheddar (technically it was Colby Jack as that is the package we had open). 

For the corn itself, I used what we had leftover from Thanksgiving. And this is where it got a little “off” if you will. The recipe calls for two cans of regular corn (not creamed corn). I figured that I would just weigh out 30 ounces of corn (each can being 15 ounces) from what we had leftover. Eyeballing it told me there was plenty. Well, there wasn’t. It was only about 20 ounces of corn. Now, I could of added more corn from a can or unthawed some more, bit I didn’t. I should have though. As a result, itwas a little extra cheesey. 

And, I decided to not use the 13×9 pan as it seemed like it would be a really thin layer. So I used a 11×8 pan. It worked better. The issue there though was that the topping was really thick. It needed more space to spread out. Now, I should have just not used all of it, but of course, it didn’t do that. The overall end result was that the topping never browned, crisped, melted, whatever. Which made it hard to take a picture. 

So, overall, this was good. Everyone liked it so the “issues” I had really were not that big of a deal. 

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