Cranberry Ginger Pear Pie

This year for Thanksgiving I feel,that we went a little low key. There wasn’t any crazy complicated dish or something that didn’t quite fit with the theme. Which was great. It was nice to actually have some down time in the morning while the turkey cooked. This pie might have been the only exception but event then, I can’t say that it was really that out of the ordinary. Or that complicated. You can read the recipe here

I had saved the recipe as it sounded like an interesting pie and decided that making it for Thanksgiving was a good idea. At least it was an excuse to make it. I would like to cut back on making desserts, etc. but it’s hard. Making it for Thanksgiving was a great way to still make it without feeling too guilty about it. 

I followed the directions, pretty much exactlynwith the exception of the crust. I “cheated” and used a store bought crust. I like making my own crusts and my wife has a recipe (from her mom) that is great but it takes time and often, I just don’t feel like it. I did use fresh cranberries as it was Thanksgiving and the stores suddenly had plenty. Oh, and I did use ground ginger with the cranberries instead of fresh. It was easier to do that than buy a piece of fresh that I would only use a tiny part of. 

Overall, I thought this turned out great. I’m not sure how many people ate some that day but those that did, liked it. Having made this Tuesday night, it had plenty of time to cool and sit in the fridge. Which means, that when a piece was cut and pulled out, it stayed together. None of this middle falling out stuff. Or could it could be that the pie itself was just better at staying together than some others. 

From a taste perspective it was good. A combination of sweet and tart which was interesting. I’d recommend this recipe if your looking for a different kind of pie. 

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