Apple Pandowdy 

It was a weekend full of cooking, a little bit of a departure from the norm which seems to be where I’m cooking less and less. Or at least not cooking things that I would post on here. “Normal” meals (tacos, spaghetti, etc.) don’t make the cut for a blog post. But I digress. I came across this recipe in an email and liked it because it was a different apple recipe. It is kind of like a cobbler but not exactly. You can read it here

I made larger two deviations and two smaller. First, I used a bag of apples we had previously peeled, cut and froze. It was not four pounds of apples but I felt like it worked. The second was that when I first went to the store they were out of puff pastry so I bought a package of the puff pastry shells. The ones that will bake up into a cup (she’ll) that you can fill. I tore those up into irregular pieces and scattered them on top. 

For the two smaller changes I used ground ginger (half of what they called for) and dried orange peel in place of the lemon zest. Again, using a little less than they called for. 

Using less apples allowed this to fit nicely in a 2 1/2 quart baking dish. I did make the entire sauce recipe even though I used less apples. I felt that worked pretty well giving it a very saucy consistency which was kind of nice. 

Overall, I liked this recipe. As I mentioned in the beginning, it was a nice departure from a “typical” apple dessert. 

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