Lamb Ribs with Rhubarb Glaze

Having a freezer full of lamb, and different cuts of lamb than we have gotten in the past, has led me to work to find some different recipes. This one has been saved for awhile and I finally got around to doing it. To be honest, I have to say that my end result is inspired by this recipe as I made some tweaks. 

First, I used twice as much meat. I had two packages of lamb ribs and decided that I would use both. In one sense, if I used both they would be gone and I wouldn’t have to worry about making them again. Plus I may have misread that I only needed two pounds and took both packages thinking I needed more. But, either way, it worked out. Lamb ribs are much smaller than porkmribs so I didn’t have that much left over. And leftovers are nice. 

The other change was around the spices. Instead of using whole spices, toasting and grinding them, I simply used ones that were already ground and didn’t toast them. I also skipped the white pepper, opting to use a rounded tablespoon of black pepper. I chopped the fennel seeds a little bit but didn’t grind them up. I may need to invest in a mortar and pestle. 

Anyway, that spice mix covered most of the ribs. It wasn’t completely covered but I was fine with that. I put the spice mix on the thawed ribs, on the pan, and wrapped them and stuck them in the fridge. This was a prep job and I needed my wife to stick them in the oven while I was gone in the early afternoon. I also premade the rhubarb glaze in the morning. The only change on that was I used a bag of previously frozen rhubarb that was four cups. I think that was about right for the amount it called for. 

The ribs went in the oven a little before 3:00 and I took them out about 5:30. That is about an hour less than the recipe called for but I was satisfied with where the ribs where at. I used the glaze for another 10-15 minutes. Put put the glaze on four times. It’s hard to see it and, actually, it was hard to taste it as well. But it’s there. The only trouble I had with it was that some of it ran off the ribs on to the pan which then burned. Not cool and actually made me cut back the time I left the ribs in with the glaze as I didn’t want a house full of smoke. Other downside is that the pan is still soaking two days later. 

Overall, I was pretty happy with these. I guess I never told my wife that it was lamb ribs as she asked about it after she started eating them. But she liked it. Thankfully, most of the time I have cooked lamb (various cuts) I have had success. 

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