Alton Brown’s Angel Food Cake

Deciding to make an angel food cake was a little bit of a whim. I only made it because I had a bunch of egg whites (12 to be exact) leftover from another recipe. (An Alton Brown Eggnog recipe to be exact). Since I was making the eggnog, I needed to find a use for the whites and searched for an Alton Brown Angel Food cake recipe. And here we are. You can read the recipe here

This is not my first time making an angel food cake but I chose not to use the previous recipe as I was interested in another Alton Brown recipe. The short version of how this turned out is that it was so-so. The cake fell once I took it out of the oven and there were parts that were a little dense and chewy. Very disappointing. But, I’m sure it was operator error and not the recipe itself. 

I did search for reasons why the (angel food) cake might fall. There are a couple of reasons that might apply to me. I may have whipped the egg whites too much. I did it for two minutes in the stand mixed before switching to the hand mixer. The peaks were pretty medium when I got done with the stand mixer so I tried to not over mix with the hand mixer.

They might not have been completely at “room temperature”. I separated then and let them sit but I wasn’t paying attention to how long they sat there or what the actual temperature was. 

Other items may have been related to old cream of tartar (don’t know if that matters) and that there was a teensy bit of egg yolk in the whites. That my not have made a huge difference but still. I had a bit of trouble separating the eggs. It’s both easy and hard. My preferred method is to use the shells and transfer the yolk back and forth. But I have found when I use fresh (super fresh) eggs from my in-laws (who have chickens) the shells are fairly brittle which means they don’t crack well. Which means getting the two pieces is hard. I “lost” two eggs in the process where the yolk disintegrated. Luckily I was separating the eggs and then moving the yolks and whites to their respective bowls. 

Regardless, it still tasted pretty good. Plus we paired it with some chopped strawberries and that pretty much masked any issues with the cake. I recommend the recipe. Since I have had success before, I may have to try this one again. 

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