Apple Stuffed Crescent Roll French Toast

A friend shared this recipe recently on Facebook and I decided that it looked like something I would want to try. I was not disappointed but I have to disagree with calling this “french toast”. Read the recipe here

So here is why I disagree- when I think of french toast, I think about a piece of bread soaking up the egg mixture. The crescent roll is dough. Not a lot of opportunity for it to soak anything up. But the concept is there. 

The only thing I ended up changing was after I measured out a cup of chopped apple and mixed it all up, I didn’t put it all in. I should have measured out a quarter cup for each and figured it out but as I was trying to evenly spoon it out, I got the feeling that it wasn’t all going to fit. At least not if I was going to be able to put the other crescent roll piece on and get the edges sealed. Which was kind of good as I had a little trouble sealing it to begin with. The downside was it seemed to be lacking apples. Lots of “crust” so to speak. 

In the end, despite the disagreement on calling these french toast, it was good. I cooked them about 13 minutes, right in the middle of the suggested time. After eating them, they could have cooked a little longer as some of the dough hadn’t fully cooked. 

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