Baked Strawberry Salmon

First a disclosure- it tasted a lot better than it looks. It definitely did not turn out like the picture in the recipe, which you can read/see here.   

So, I picked this recipe because it was interesting. Strawberry plus salmon is not a combination I would have thought if. Especially when you add in the marinade which is mostly soy sauce. But I thought I would give it a try. 

Overall, this worked out pretty well. I did have less soy sauce than it called for (only 2/3 cup) and I used yellow mustard for the Dijon mustard but I also think that my pieces of salmon were a little smaller than what the recipe called for. I did use all the strawberry perseveres, putting it in a bowl and mixing it up really well first (to break up any clumps). 

I think what really turned looking like it did versus how the picture looks was the most of the preserves “melted” off and my preserves seemed to be much darker in color than the ones they used. Then again, most picture of food (professional ones, a “fake” in order to make it look perfect. 

So I try not to get too worked up over how mine looks. But this one doesn’t look all that appetizing although the taste is still there. I paired it with a simple rice, basmati, because I have a plethora of it. Never buy the huge bag when you only need a little bit for something. The rice is really good but it takes a lot longer to cook than other rice. 

I would recommend this, just keep in mind it may not look super fancy. 

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2 Responses to Baked Strawberry Salmon

  1. cookiesnchem says:

    That looks amazing. I love salmon and am always looking for ways to season it creatively – I normally use cayenne, salt, pepper, and paprika with garlic butter. I have lots of similar recipes on my blog as well (though I mostly like to bake). Your recipe looks delicious, and I love the photography and your writing! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to see some future posts!

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