Pumpkin Bread 

This bread falls squarely in the category of a banana or zucchini bread but with pumpkin. You can read the recipe here

I don’t have a lot to say about this bread. It is a pretty straightforward recipe. I will note that it makes a lot more than you might think. I got two large (9×5) loaves out of this one recipe. Which makes sense if you read the recipe as the ingredient quantities are pretty big (sugar, flour, eggs, etc.)

I find it interesting that there is a note about how this isn’t really that healthy because there is a cup of oil. But we ignore the 3 cups of sugar……. 😀 But I’m not that concerned with the health aspect. Just an interesting note. 

Overall, this turned out really well and tasted pretty good. Everyone who had some liked it. It did take a little longer to bake however. I put both pans in the oven and after 20 minutes rotated them as one side of my oven tends to be hotter. After another 20 minutes, neither loaf was close to being done. It actually took a full hour before the loaves were done. Much more than it was stated in the recipe but I did have more in the oven. If there would have been only one loaf, it may have taken less time. Not an issue, just something to keep in mind. 

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